Embroidery is now not just an expression, it is the means and art of decoration; decoration of clothes, bed covers, furnishings, almost anything that one can think of in fabric.

We, at SurJ Creations, craft extraordinary Hand Embroidery Bed sheets to add grace and elegance to the most significant part of your home i.e. bedrooms. A new product range of Hand Embroidered Table Runners have also been introduced not only to protect your wooden/glass table from scratches, but also adds modishness to your dinning. Apart from this, SurJ is an initiative to keep the art of Indian Embroidery alive and simultaneous creates opportunities for several homemakers of Indian villages. We are a living antique, but moving with the times, bringing hand embroidery into the present.

Hand embroidery is a time-sensitive business and demands tremendous responsibility. Before we can actually begin any hand embroidery there are numerous exacting steps to be followed.

First we carefully trace out your design on tracing paper. This tracing paper serves as the blue print of the embroidery. The designs and patterns selected are minutely crafted to avoid repetitions and generate uniqueness.

In order to transform the traced image on to the actual fabric miniscule pin holes are made by hand over all the relevant outlines of the design.

Once the tracing paper is punched it is printed onto the fabric. Printing is the process by which the image of the tracing paper is superimposed upon the base fabric. A special solution is used to print. The solution seeps through the tiny holes created during the punching process and gives the hand embroidery workers a clear outline to work on.

Hand Embroidery:
Color combinations are selected very carefully to enhance the beauty of hand work. Then some skilled artisans (women from different villages) meticulously follow the written instructions regarding the color scheme and items to be used to create a distinctive tapestry.

Quality Check:
Each and every piece of hand embroidery once complete is meticulously and painstakingly checked for errors and inadvertent lapses in order to achieve zero defect supplies.